Who we work with..

We manufacture our oak boxes and fabric covers in cooperation with BEWO Oberburg. The cooperative enables people with special needs to be integrated into the workforce. 

The logos and illustrations were developed in cooperation with Tobias Najer / Grafik & Illustration. This independent graphic designer inspires us with his creativity and his wide range of offers.

In the phase of founding the company, we were accompanied by our long-time friend and founder rubio CONSULTING. The management consultancy for out-the-box thinkers and has made innovation its motto.

In financial matters we are supported by our mutual friend and managing director of Wellagio Finance GmbH. He has specialised in start-ups and small businesses and appreciates the cooperation with creative minds.

Cat InStyle ist Spezialist in Sachen Fellpflege. Neben dem mobilen Katzenfriseur-Service, welcher bequem nach Hause bestellt werden kann, betreibt Mariia auch einen Onlineshop für hochwertige Pflege-Accessoires für Katzen. 

Die hübsche Katzenpension couettes & croquettes in der Nähe von Payerne garantiert Katzen einen luxuriösen Aufenthalt, während die Besitzer ihre Ferien sorglos geniessen können. Die sympathischen Betreiber Véro & Alain unterstützen uns bei der Vermarktung.